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okt 08

‘Board Now’ program aims to get companies fly on sustainable aviation fuels

Dutch company SkyNRG, active in sustainable aviation fuel, officially launches its Board Now program.By committing themselves to Board Now, companies reduce their own business air travel emissions and at the same time contribute to the development of a new production facility for sustainable aviation fuel. Board Now is the worlds first program that enables companies to contribute directly to the development of this industry and actively paves the way for the energy transition in the aviation sector.

Organizations that join Board Now, commit themselves for a period of 5 years to the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). With this commitment, they not only reduce their own business air travel CO2 emissions, but also contribute to the development of a new production facility. Their investment will be used by SkyNRG to cover the price difference between sustainable aviation fuel and conventional jet fuel. The coalition that participates in the Board Now program, ensures a substantial purchase of SAF that will be produced by Europe’s first dedicated plant for the production of sustainable aviation fuel in Delfzijl (DSL-01). Earlier this year, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines already committed itself to the purchase of 75,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel from DSL-01 a year.

Early 2019 the Netherlands government and industrial parties have expressed the ambition to achieve by 2030 a 14% share of sustainable aviation fuels in the total of aviation fuels bunkered in The Netherlands for international aviation. This draft agreement Sustainable Aviation can be found here.