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On this page you will find news and information related to the interaction of fuels and  engines.

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On the topic on New fuels and engine developments the Platform organised and organizes various seminars and workshops. Here you find an overview of these seminar. on the seminar pages you will find all presentations.

News and opinions

nov 18

Opschalen groengas voor mobiliteit

Van de hernieuwbare brandstofopties op de markt levert inzet van groengas in de vorm van bijvoorbeeld CBG  (compressed biomethane gas) of LBG (liquified biomethane gas) een grote reductie van klimaatimpact…
mei 22

The alternative role of hydrogen in transport

Whatever you open today: newspaper, twitter, LinkedIn, magazine – currently hydrogen is in the spotlight, often presenting it as the energy carrier of the future. The industrial sector, especially refineries…
mei 04

Diesel indispensable for a cleaner planet

The world is changing rapidly and this may well have a greater impact on our industry than others. The demand for sustainable fuel solutions is increasing and more and more…
apr 05

Potential of hydrogen enhanced biofuels

Illka Hannula of Finnish research institute VTT is one of the authors of the research on  'Hydrogen enhanced biofuels for transport via fast pyrolysis of biomass: a conceptual assessment".  In the…
mrt 16

UK plans to switch to E10 in 2021

UK-newspaper The Guardian has published a news article that the Government in the UK is going to introduce E10 as standard petrol fuel. According to the Guardian: "Government says ‘cleaner’…
okt 16

63 duizend liter ethanol per uur

De grootste ethanolfabriek van Europa staat in Rotterdam en produceert 63 duizend liter ethanol per dag, zo schrijft NRC  op 16 oktober 2019. Sinds kort is E10 de nieuwe benzinestandaard…
okt 01

Nederland stapt over op nieuwe benzinestandaard: E10

Sinds dinsdag 1 oktober bieden tankstations in Nederland de nieuwe benzine E10 aan. In de loop van de maand oktober zullen vrijwel alle vierduizend tankstations deze brandstof gaan verkopen, waarbij…
jan 18

Biobrandstoffen en Power-to-X

De relatie tussen biobrandstoffen en ‘Power-to-X’ is een van de centrale thema’s op de internationale conferentie over hernieuwbare mobiliteit "Fuels of the Future 2017”. Deze vindt plaats op 23 en…

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