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nov 17

BTG and GoodFuels collaborate on renewable fuels for shipping from pyrolysis oil

BTG and GoodFuels exploring options for joint investment

Dutch-based BTG (biomass technology group) will set up a new high-tech technology company for converting crude pyrolysis oil into diesel fuel suitable for the shipping sector. It will be the first refinery in the world for an advanced marine biofuel based on pyrolysis oil. 

The new facility will be operated by a new company named BTG-neXt. In the first phase, BTG-nexT will focus on building a pilot refinery for converting pyrolysis oil into 100% sustainable biodiesel for ships in order to demonstrate that continuous production is feasible. Pyrolysis oil is made from biomass-based residues such as sawdust and roadside grass cuttings and is a sustainable alternative for replacing fossil fuels.

BTG will partner with GoodFuels, a company also based in The Netherlands, that already provides marine biofuels to various international shipping companies. GoodFuels is member of the Platform sustainable biofuels.

Various locations, among which the port of Rotterdam are reviewed for construction of the new plant.

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The regional newspaper TubantiA interviewed CEO René Venendaal. Read the Dutch article here.