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sep 24

Eindhoven University of Technology launches new Institute on Renewable Energy Systems

The Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (EIRES) is TU/e’s answer to the broad, multidisciplinary question that is the energy transition. EIRES facilitates the collaborative development and swift deployment of new technologies and devices by bringing together TU/e researchers working on materials, systems, and processes for energy storage and conversion.

The approach is based around societal impact: working on fundamental challenges underlying the development of systems with the potential for rapid upscaling and market penetration. That is why EIRES promote academic research driven by societal challenges, with close partnerships between academia and the high-tech manufacturing industry in the region.

In addition, EIRES aims to take a strong place in the national debate, by stimulating the development of thought leadership in EIRES researchers through regular discussions and community-building activities. This includes the continuation of the activities started in the Strategic Area Energy, but also e.g. the involvement of EIRES researchers in setting up regional and national strategies for the energy transition.

EIRIS has the following focus  areas:

  • Chemistry for sustainable energy systems
  • Engineering for sustainable energy systems
  • Systems integration
  • Systems for sustainable heat

Renewable fuels:

The focus area  Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems will primarily address the engineering of systems for the production and use of sustainable energy carriers like H2, NH3, metal powder and renewable carbon containing fuels (e.g. methanol, DME, OME and LNG).