On this page you will find news and information related to feedstocks and resources.

The main activities the platform carries out on this topic is to explore with experts how future biomass mobilization can take place and can be enhanced under sustainable conditions. for that the Platform organized Biomass Mobilization workshops on a regular basis.

Two series of workshops have been held, of which information can be found on special BioMob pages:


In a series of 4 master classes during April-June 2021 the Platform and invited experts explored new areas for biomass mobilization, e.g. in abandoned agricultural land or biomass available under aquatic or wet circumstances.

Background and results from this #BioMob experience can be found here


October 2018 the Platform invited 30+ national and international experts to explore during a two day workshop opportunities to enhance sustainable biomass mobilization.
Background and results from this #BioMob experience can be found here.

News and opinions:

sep 02

Commentaar Platform op SER-advies Biomassa in Balans

Het Platform wijst op de voordelen voor Nederland om in te zetten op de ontwikkeling van bioraffinage en beschikbaar maken van aanvoerlijnen duurzame biogrondstoffen voor biobrandstoffen, alle segmenten, en biobased chemie.…
dec 24

Haskoning DHV: Nederland moet meer inzetten op biomassa

Nederland moet veel meer inzetten op biomassa. Niet alleen voor opwekking van elektriciteit, maar ook als grondstof voor de chemische industrie. Er is namelijk geen ander realistisch duurzaam alternatief voor…

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