Advanced Biofuels Conference

    Advanced Biofuels Conference

    17-19 September 2019

    Stockholm, Sweden

    The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) organized for the 5th time the Advance Biofuels Conference

    Pre-conference study visits will be followed by two full conference days, a conference dinner cruise, a workshop, and cover all land, aviation and maritime transport sectors.

    Advanced biofuels for Europe are key for reducing emissions in the national transport sectors. We have seen commercial breakthroughs in technologies, new policy measures adopted and changing business models, all which of are no longer on the horizon. This year, we invite you to participate in latest European policy, energy system transition to renewable fuels, partnerships, world class R&D and new technologies – with all the leading companies presented. More and more vehicles are certified with HVO100, to complement today’s selection of bio-CNG, E85, ED95, B100 as well as conventional fossil fuels blended with biofuels.

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    • Date 12/08/2019
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