Energy Days

    Energy Days: Sustainable Mobility and Transport

    Tu/e – Eindhoven University of Technology
    November 5, 2020
    (t.b.c. due to COVID-19 developments)

    EnergyDays is recurring event, organized by the Eindhoven University of Technology.  The events take place every quarter of the year and are open for anyone interested in the latest developments in societal energy issues. EnergyDays focusses on a specific aspect of the present energy and climate discussion. Different keynote speakers from academia and industry will present their views, solutions and outlooks on the topic. The motto of EnergyDays is to stimulate the audience to broaden their vision on energy and climate.

    The Energy Day edition of 11 June focuses on Sustainable Mobility and Transport

    Chair of the Day

    • Geert Verbong – Eindhoven University of Technology


    • Maarten Steinbuch
    • Eric van den Heuvel
    • Ganesh Gebhard

    You can register for the event here.

    • Date 01/06/2020
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