Kennisseminar #3: BtL renewable diesel drop-ins and co-processing

    Kennisseminar #3:
    BtL – renewable diesel drop-in and co-processing

    4 March 2021

    This is the third session of a series of events on the various biofuel production technologies.

    As part of the process to develop the programme for Plan B(randstoffen) we have previously looked into the opportunities for bio-methane (session #1) and for the alcohol based biofuels (session #2).
    In this session we will check out the developments for conversing advanced Biomass to Liquid drop-in diesel routes.

    The final programme is still being developed, but topics that will be discussed are:

    • Current status of (hydrogenated) pyrolysis oil
    • Update developments HTL (Hydro Thermal Liquefaction
    • The option of co-refining biobased feedstocks in refineries
    • The current status of the EC-RED2 delegated act on co-processing


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