Role of e-fuels in energy transition transport

    Role of E-fuels and biofuels in energy transition transport
    17 April 2019
    14:30 – 17:30
    The Hague

    2nd in a series on renewable low-carbon fuels and engine developments the Platform organises, in collaboration with DIFFER, TU Delft, IRES, TNO, WUR and TUe, a knowledge seminar on the state of development of E-fuels and their role in the energy transition in the transport sector.

    E-fuels, sometimes called elektrofuels, solar fuels or power-to-X fuels are produced from, preferably renewable, electricity and CO2. Via electrolysis the energy of the electricity is transferred via hydrogen coupled to carbon to hydrocarbons which have high energy density and are well suited for the existing liquid or gaseous infrastructure and drive trains.

    In this event more insights on the state of development is provided.

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