The necessary context for low-carbon transport and chemistry

    The necessary context for low-carbon transport and chemistry

    4 July 2019, Seminar Biethanol, Lelystad, The Netherlands

    Eric van den Heuvel – Platform Sustainable Biofuels

    ACRRES and DSD organised a seminar on the potential of sugar beet as resource for the bioeconomy. Current R&D projects show that sugar beets are an economically feasible biobased material. DSD, with support of its partners, such as ACRRES, developed a new concept: Direct Processing of sugar beets with BetaProcess. This development is financially support by the Renewable Energy Innovation programme (DEI) and the TKI-BBE programme.

    The programme and link to the presentations are found at website ACCRES.

    The Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels sketched the necessary context, which frames the urgency to explore and develop sustainable feedstocks for a low-carbon transport and context. This presentation is provided here.

    • Date 10/07/2019
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