18_1105_Scaling Up 2018

    Scaling Up 2018

    Competing in the Global Bioeconomy Market

    Ottawa, Toronto

    At the Scaling Up 2018 conference the context of an emerging global Bioeconomy market will be subject of presentations and discussions. According to the OECD’s Bioeconomy 2030 report,“the Bioeconomy will hit its stride in the 2025 – 2030 period with an estimated world market of between USD 2.6 and 5.8 trillion.” What should be the exact role of government in realizing this potential? Will it require millions of program dollars, loan guarantees and tax incentives? Or, in a low carbon world, will the market drive demand for non-fossil based products and materials?

    Scaling Up 2018 will focus on a Canadian perspective, given its vast sustainable biomass resources and its well developed Bioeconomy cluster of industries. At the same time eyes are on international collaboration opportunities.

    Programma and conference details can be found here.

    • Date 05/11/2018
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