9th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference

    9th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference

    Stockholm, Sweden
    24 – 26 March 2020

    Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference is arranged since 2008 by RISE, Sweden and VTT, Finland

    The Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) is an international conference where research and industry meet to discuss the latest in biorefineries.

    The ninth edition of NWBC presents the latest ideas and developments in separation and transformation processes as well as new bio-based products from the wood-based biorefinery: energy, chemicals and materials. The event brings together experts from the chemical, energy, pulp and paper industries as well as recognized representatives from the global research community.

    NWBC is a collaboration between RISE in Sweden and VTT in Finland.

    The last conference gathered over 200 participants in Helsinki on October 23-25, 2018. In addition to presentations and discussions on many aspects of wood biorefining, participants were given the opportunity to visit St1’s bioethanol plant and VTT’s pilot center. The conference program reflected the growing interest in upgrading lignin from both pulp mills and ethanol plants. Another hot topic was the efficiency of pulp farming in the sulphate process; will future biorefineries treat wood with ionic liquids or instead with in-depth eutectic solvents?

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    • Date 24/03/2020
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