Biofuels in the marine sector

    Workshop on biofuels use in the marine sector: opportunities and challenges

    25 september 2019 9:30-13:00
    University Utrecht

    On September 25, the workshop Biofuels Use in the Marine Sector: Challenges and Opportunities will take place at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam. Biofuels are seen as one of the few options the marine sector has to decarbonise, yet little is known about which biofuels hold the potential to replace, amongst others, marine gasoil and heavy fuel oil in the short to medium term.

    The aim of this workshop is to present, validate and discuss the findings of our review of promising marine biofuels, evaluated under a number of different criteria, including feedstock availability, economic feasibility, compatibility with current infrastructure and scalability, environmental impacts, and the potential to capture and store CO2 during biofuel production. The evaluation has been based on literature review and interviews with stakeholders such as biofuels producers, technology providers, engine manufacturers, end users, NGOs and academics.

    This workshop will provide an opportunity to meet these stakeholders, to jointly evaluate the present intersection of green energy and the shipping industry, and to envisage future pathways towards decarbonising the sector. Last but not least, we would also like to assess whether there is interest for wider collaboration on this topic.


    The event was organised by Agneev Mukherjee, Pieter Bruijnincx and Martin Junginger in the context of the hub Towards Industry with Negative Emissions of Pathways to Sustainability. Contact them to check availability of pdf’s of the presentations.

    • Date 25/09/2019
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