Circular Economy Summit – Netherlands & Nordics

    Circular Economy Summit – Netherlands & Nordics

    15 January 2019


    Epicentre, Amsterdam

    As part of the Circular Economy week, the Circular Economy Summit – Netherlands and Nordics event explores the collaboration between the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

    What are the next steps in going from a linear to a circular economy? On January 15 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Dutch Business Club together with the Nordic Embassies and the European Commission would like to start 2019 by inviting you to an inspiring cross-border Circular Economy Summit. We will present an insight into the latest news from the EU on the Road to Circular Economy and share the ambitious targets of the Netherlands and the Nordic countries. Global and local companies will be present to present and share experiences on their rapid journey from linear to circular.

    The transition towards a circular economy is key to the quality of life, a sustainable world and provides huge economic opportunities. Circular Economy is today on the agenda of the EU as well as for most governments, companies, and organizations. A circular economy is a necessity to meet the global demands to generate more value from available resources, to combat climate change and to reduce and start reusing waste.

    This event is free of charge. However, registration is compulsary.

    Register via this site.

    • Date 15/01/2019
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