Potential advanced biofuels in Europe – focus on biomass production

    Research and Innovation perspective of the mid – and long-term Potential for Advanced Biofuels in Europe

    Overview on the research and innovation potential of biomass production for transport fuels

    Ecorys et al., for EC DG Research and Innovation

    “With successful R&I and attainment of the 2050 EU targets, advanced biofuels could achieve (i) close to a 50% share of the overall transport sector energy mix […]”
    (Quote from the abstract of the main report on the mid and long term potential for Advanced Biofuels in Europe.)

    Details on the main report can be found  here.

    As part of the project a special report was delivered on the biomass production potential for transport fuels.

    The study on biomass potential investigates how research and innovation can contribute to the development of advanced biofuels in the medium and long term. It will feed into the discussion by the DG Research and Innovation on the role of research and innovation for advanced biofuels. The study has three specific objectives:

    • To provide an assessment of the potential for research and innovation for biomass feedstock for energy for the time horizons of 2030 and 2050;
    • To assess the potential contribution of advanced biofuels for achieving the EU 2020 targets;
    • To compare different fuel options for transport.

    The main report can be downloaded here.

    • Date 29/04/2019
    • Tags 2017, Availability, Biofuels, Feedstocks, Innovation, Market perspective