Production of liquid advanced biofuels – global status

CIT Industriell Energi AB

The Norwegian Environment Agency commission in 2019 a study that provides an overview of current and future global production of liquid biofuels for use in the transportation sector –  with a special focus on advanced liquid biofuels. The study is made by CIT Industriell Energi

The overview is based partly on statistics of historical and current global biofuel production in general, partly on a thorough mapping of existing and planned production plants that may be able to contribute to advanced liquid biofuel production in the period from now until the year 2030.
Based on data from REN21 Renewables 2018 report, total global biofuel production amounted in 2017 to about 970 TWh, of which 623 ethanol, 284 conventional biodiesel and 61 TWh HVO (about 105, 31 and 6.5 Mm3, respectively). Ethanol production is dominated by the US and Brazil, while biodiesel production is more spread between regions and countries. In statistics for biofuel production, the amount of advanced biofuels are in general not specified separately.

The report provides tabels with technology-specific overviews of projects currently under development or in operation.

The report can be downloaded here.

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