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Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels, EC Sustainable Transport Forum

The Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels – commissioned under the Sustainable Transport Forum of the European Commission –  published a report in which the advanced biofuels industry provides insights on

  • the availability of feedstock,
  • options for aviation, shipping and heavy duty transport,
  • the technology status and reliability of the value chains,
  • the costs of biofuels

A major strength of the final report and the two topic reports lies in the fact that the information on the technology status and on the costs of biofuels has been drawn up in collaboration with and validated by the European advanced biofuels industry.



The report consist of three parts:

  1. Final Report Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels
  2. Technology status and reliability of the value chains (2017), updated report by Art Fuels Forum (2018)
  3. Cost of Biofuels (2017), update report by IEA Bioenergy (2020)

The Final Report provides positions, policy recommendations and key messages from the industry

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