Renewable Fuels in Maritime Shipping

    Renewable Fuels in Maritime Shipping

    2nd Workshop (online)
    21 July 2020, 14:00-16:00

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    Aim of the workshop

    The international maritime sector needs to curb its climate impact significantly while maintaining its function of delivering goods globally. IMO has set targets to half the sectors greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, compared to 2008 levels.

    Next to energy efficiency improvements/in its operations – travel speed optimization, vessel design, new drive train technologies etc. – the deployment of renewable fuels and energy carriers needs to accelerate.

    In this international workshop invited participants are ‘activated’ to an explorative collaboration and exchange mode to discuss and enhance the understanding of the key issues and actions needed.

    This series of online workshops aim to articulate an industry position on role and position of renewable fuels as an instrument for reaching climate targets in seagoing shipping.

    The event is a joint collaboration between the European initiative Alternative And Renewable Transport Fuels Forum and the Netherlands Knowledge and Innovation Platform Sustainable Biofuels.


    1. Introduction – Eric van den Heuvel (PDB)
    2. The context of numbers – Nick Lurkin, (KNVR)
    3. Update on FuelEU Maritime initiative – Ms P. Soerensen and Mr A. Kedzierski (European Commission DG MOVE)
    4. What to learn for the European Policy context and outcomes survey:
      insights from the role of the RED II opt-in instrument for shipping. Summary of Dutch stakeholder consultation – Loes Knotter (PDB)
    5. Group discussion 1:
      What policy innovation is needed to materialize the role renewable fuels and energy carriers can play in international shipping?

      1. Instruments
      2. Financial innovation: how to organize for the big investments that will need to take place?
      3. Methodologies, conditions and regulations
      4. Innovation on feedstocks (mobilizing feedstocks, ensuring local development in supply chains, increasing transparency, certifying for sustainability)
    6. Break (10 minutes)-
    7. Assessing the renewable fuels/energy carriers options and innovation areas over time
      (sharing outcomes survey and analysis of selected literature) – Eric van den heuvel and Loes Knotter (PDB)
    8. Group discussion 2:
      How to create synergies with other European policy themes.
      Which role can maritime / transport renewable fuels and energy carriers play in contributing to the following topics:

      1. Renewable electricity storage
      2. Green chemistry pathways
      3. In the circular economy
      4. Contributing to social Development Goals – bringing benefits for international feedstock chains
    9. Outline content for a white paper
    10. Wrap up of conclusion and next steps

    Pre-workshop survey

    Since we believe two hours of online participation is the maximum we should ask from you, we have prepared a survey to collect insights and information. Outcomes we will be used in the workshop and in the draft white paper.
    Could you please be so kind and fill out the form.

    Link to survey

    Expected participants

    Among others the following actors are expected to participate: actors in the European shipping sector, technology providers, European ports, logistics companies, policy makers, innovation centers.

    You can download a PDF with the information of the event here.

    The results of the first workshop can be found here:Workshop results May 14 2020


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