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Neste opens office for SAF in the Netherlands

The Finnish company Neste has announced to open an office in the Netherlands as a base for coordinating its Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) activities. Choosing the Netherlands seems a logic choice given the interest in sustainable aviation fuels in the Netherlands. An industry consortium, lead by Schiphol, KLM and SkyNRG, published in 2018 “Slim én Duurzaam – Actieplan Luchtvaart Nederland: 35% minder CO2 in 2030” (Smart and Sustainable – Action Plan Aviation in the Netherlands: 35% less CO2 in 2030). In this plan it is proposed to establish the use of 14% sustainable aviation fuels in total aviation fuel bunkering in the Netherlands by 2030. This would equal a volume of approx. 575 thousand tonnes/year. SkyNRG is preparing a production facility in Delfzijl of about 75 thousand tons. Neste plans to expand its current 100 thousand tonnes/year worldwide production of sustainable aviation fuels to 1 million tonnes in four years.

The necessity for renewable fuels in road transport will also remain substantial. In the Netherlands Climate Agreement for 2030 it has been agreed to reduce the tank-to-wheel emissions from 32 Mtonne CO2 in 1990 to max 25 Mtonne CO2 in 2030, as a first stept to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. For 2030 this requires the rapid market introduction of electric vehicles (up to 2 million passenger cars, mainly battery-electric, but also fuel-cell-electric), optimisation of logistics and distribution, modal shift towards biking and public transporting, last but not least, 60 PJ of renewable fuels in road transport. Compared to the current level of renewable energy use in transport (about 20-25 PJ) this will require many more companies besides Neste stepping into this arena to further innovate renewable solutions.

Neste already has a production facility in Rotterdam with an annual production capacity 1 million tonnes of  HVO. HVO is a high quality fuel that can substitute fossil-based diesel, resulting to up to 85% greenhouse gas savings, on a well-to-wheel basis. The Finnish company announced to expand its Renewable Diesel (HVO from waste-based products) offering to the Netherlands transport market.  For that it will collaborate with several Dutch fuel suppliers, among which Platform-member Tamoil, to provide the Renewable Diesel at about 60 locations.

Neste’s press release can be read here