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25-May-2020: Newsletter May 2020, a.o. Platform view on Report Biomass Availability

20-Mar-2020: Newsletter March 2020, a.o. invitation seminar Options for Hydrogen in transport

07-Jan-2020: Newsletter January 2020, a.o. Main finding Navigant report about renewable fuels in dutch Transport towards 2030

07-Nov-2019: Newsletter November 2019, a.o. Autumn Seminar on the necessary focus on fossil free fuels

16-Oct-2019: Newsletter October 2019, a.o. study on how to reach larger share of renewable fuel in transport in NL in 2030

03-Jun-2019: Newsletter June 2019, a.o. invitation seminar Engine development and renewable fuel options

28-Mar-2019: Newsletter March 2019, a.o. invitation Seminar Role and significance of renewable fuels in energy transition transport

07-Feb-2019: Newsletter February 2019, invitation Seminar What mix of renewable fuels will do the RED-II job?

29-Nov-2018: 2nd 2nd Newsletter November 2018: a.o. a plea by the Platform on the focus on high CO2-reduction, in reaction to plans of the Mobility Table of the Climate Agreement (in Dutch)

09-Nov-2018: Newsletter November 2018: a.o. invitation seminar Clear and effective policies for low carbon transport

04-Oct-2018: Newsletter October 2018: a.o. invitation on Workshop BioMob#1: Design Thinking and Sustainable Biomass Mobilisation”

13-Sep-2018: Newsletter September 2018: on public debate on biomass in energy

07-Jun-2018: Newsletter June 2018: a.o. with announcement of DrivenbyNature website

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