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North-C-Methanal demonstration project in Belgium

North-C-Methanol is the first large scale demonstrator project of North-CCU-Hub. It consists of an electrolyser plant with a power of 63 MW, splitting water in green hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable energy from off-shore wind. Oxygen will be used locally in the steel industry. Green hydrogen will be combined with captured CO2, originating from industrial point sources, in a catalytic methanol synthesis plant with a production capacity of 45.000 ton methanol per year.

The North-C-Methanol project will be the first implementation project of the North-CCU-Hub Roadmap that the project consortium has developed. Members of the consortium are, among others Arcellor Mittal, Engie, OilTanking and Alco Biofuel.

The CCU technology to transform CO2 into green methanol is one of the most mature CCU technologies. Different demonstration plants are available. However, North-C-Methanol will be a ‘first of its size’ project.

Methanol is an important platform molecule, both for offsets in energy, transport and chemistry sectors.

More details on the project and the plannes for further developments are found here.