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mrt 19

Plans for an advanced ethanol plant with negative CO2-footprint in Croatia

Croation oil and gas company INA has signed a license agreement with French group Axens for Futurol technology and a base design contract as a first step in the construction of an advanced bioethanol plant with a negative C02 footprint at the Sisak refinery site.

Axens develops biofuel and bio-based chemical production processes. This collaboration with INA result in a full-scale commercial cellulosic bioethanol production plant. The facility is expected to produce 55 thousand tons per year, equivalent to 70 million liters, of advanced ethanol in synergy with green energy production, based on lignocellulosic feedstock such as agricultural residues and energy crop Miscanthus. As per the Renewable Energy Directive II (REDII), the second-generation ethanol allows more than 85% reduction of greenhouse gas emission as compared to the fossil reference.

More about the project can be found here.

Details on Axen’s Futurol technology can be found here.