Sweden-based SCA and Nordic-based St1 have entered a joint venture to produce and sell liquid biofuels. SCA will supply tall oil to the joint venture and will invest approximately SEK 0.6 billion [approx. 60 million EUR; PDB] in the company. SCA and St1 will be equal shareholders of the joint venture, which will itself have a 50% share in the St1 Gothenburg Biorefinery, which is now making an investment in a biorefinery with total capacity of 200,000 tonnes of liquid biofuels, estimated to a total investment cost of SEK 2.5 billion [approx. 250 million EUR; PDB]. The new biorefinery will be operational in Q2 2023.

SCA is a Swedish based forestry company. St1 Nordic Oy is a Nordic energy group whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. 

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