jan 24

Development of a Dedicated Marine Biofuel is needed

Biofuels are already a cost-competitive low carbon fuel option for shipping containing no (or only limited) sulphur. However, a ‘dedicated’ marine low carbon fuel has not yet been developed. Netherlands…
dec 10

Overview of biofuel options for shipping

Recently, several studies have highlighted the importance of biofuels to reduce fossil fuels in the shipping sector (see also our "shipping theme" page. For instance Port of Rotterdam considers biofuels…
sep 25

Subsidieregeling duurzame binnenvaart 2018-2019

Subsidieregeling 'duurzame binnenvaart 2018-2019' gepubliceerd Het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat is op zoek naar innovatieve en duurzame projecten in de binnenvaart. IenW heeft daarom de subsidieregeling 'duurzame binnenvaart 2018-2019…

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