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apr 05

Swedish shipping industry prepares to go fossil-free by 2045

Sweden’s shipping sector is preparing to end the use of fossil fuels domestically by 2045.

The Swedish Shipowners’ Association together with Fossil-Free Sweden, a government initiative are developing a roadmap to net zero greenhouse gas emissions in in the Swedish shipping sector. This is in line with a law adopted in 2017 in Sweden to become an fossil-free nation by 2045

The shipping industry can radically improve efficiency and switch to low carbon biofuels or electricity, Svante Axelsson (Fossil-Free Sweden) and Rikard Engström (Sjöfart) wrote in an opinion article in Dagens Industry of 8 February 2019. (see the ‘google.translate’ English text here).

“The Riksdag has decided that domestic transport should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030. A challenging but not impossible goal to achieve. The challenge is double because freight transport is expected to increase by 50% by 2030.”, they wrote.

The incentives Axelsson and Engström propose are:

  • Setting up a carbon dioxide fund
  • Increase environmental differentiation in fairway fees
  • Increase production of domestic renewable fuels
  • Tax exemption from electricity
  • Increase the state research and innovation funds
  • Quantity discount on ‘calling’ (Swedish word is anlöp, english translation currently under check)
  • Create more equitable conditions between the different modes of transport.